Mahabharata date dating

Marathi book Swayambhu and Scientific Dating of the Mahabharat. War in English. INSCRIPTIONS Some scholars rely on the various inscriptions found in the temples and elsewhere to fix the date of Mahabharat War.

The Epic Riddle Of Dating Ramayana, Mahabharata

We have to find out the average per king by calculating on various Indian Dynasties. I have considered 60 kings from various dynasties and calculated the average of each king as 35 years.

Mahabharata date dating

If there is no other alternative then this method is tolerable, otherwise it is not reli- able because all the known inscriptions are dated as far back as 400 AD. Those who prepared those inscriptions were not conversant with the.

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Mahabharata date dating

Scholars also hold that Yudhishthira s time is 3137 BC. Saptarshis stay in one Nakshtra for 100 years, and there are 27 Nakshatras. Hence Saptarshis would be again in Magha 2700 years later during 4th century BC.

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