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12:1502(EET but it is not sufficient alone. There is no standard on such designations, and the same string is used for different zones. Combined date and time format Use a format where the date designation is followed by the letter.

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This document gives a short description of. ISO 8601, the date and time representation standard. It also presents some arguments why it should be applied, especially in Web authoring. Sample codes are given for printing date and time in ISO8601.

Most uniform way of dating documents

Thus, the example means the 12th of May in 1998. Use exactly two digits for the month and exactly two digits for the day, using leading zeros when necessary. Notice that there is no time zone indication, although dates too.

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Info on ISO 8601, the date and time representation standard

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Most uniform way of dating documents

In addition, different programs use date and time formats differing from the one specified in RFC 822 and RFC 2822. To illustrate the diversity, let us take a look at the Proposed Standard RFC 2068 ; in the discussion of.

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The results of this intercomparison are reported and discussed by Burleigh et al.3. Following this intercomparison, a meeting was held in Turin in September-October 1986 at which seven radiocarbon laboratories.

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